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mandag 30. oktober 2017

Norwegian folkdresses or bunad

I have some Norwegian bunad or folkdresses originally made for Tjorven. But still there are some I do not have. But I show off those who are in my Tjorvens wardrobe.
They are so lovely and I want to get hold of all the others that I do not have. Maybe some day it will be completed.

This one is made after our natives: the sami or Lapp people.
 All four chilling out together

fredag 8. september 2017

New dresses with snakeskin print

New from the sewing machine. Got hold of some fabric with snakeskin print. The fabric is thin cotton.
Looking well on theese two ladies.

Theese two girls are ready for a snake Party.

Had to make a dress that was shorter. This one was sold to a doll lady. She wanted a shorter dress.

Litlte Ratti cousin also wanted a dress.

She also wanted to mingle some with Tjorven before she had to go to bed.

lørdag 2. september 2017

Fresh from the sewing Machine. New clothes for Tjorven.

Made some new clothing for Tjorven and Pusle.
Made this coat after som pictures I`ve seen from others. Had nothing to measure after but I think it looked well on Tjorven.

Here is another one in red snakeskin. 
I`ve also made one coat in black and white snakeskin. this one was my first attempt of the pattern.

After a while I got hold of the original coat (the white one). So I see I have to adjust the pattern some for to get the same lenght and get it similar to the original coat.
While I was in the mood, I also made a jacket and some trousers of the snakeskin fabric too.

onsdag 23. august 2017

Long time since my last update

Long time since I`ve been on my blog. The reason??? I`ve been working outside on my house. It is under renevation. The panel and isolation has been changed. But I will update you when I`m done with all the work.

But this blog is about dolls. And the last doll I got hold on is called Cirkeline. When I was a bit younger than today ... about 40-45 years ago there was a cartoon movie for childeren I loved to watch: Cirkeline.
She was a little girl that lived in a match box. For some days ago, there was a lovely lady who put her out for sale, and I just had to get hold of the doll.
And here she is: 
Here is also the match box she lived in. All the cartoons ended with her going to bed in this box. I remember I always wanted her to live with me. I had a lot of fantasies about what and where we were going to play. I just loved theese cartoons.

 But this lovely lady also sent me some more. And I got all the other things for free, included a little doll and her teddy bear. Isn`t that a lovely lady? I think so. 

The doll is from Japan. There are several collectors from Norway that just love theese dolls. this is my first one. I have never thought about collecting theese doll... perhaps this is my first step in doing so??
And along with this doll, the lovely lady also sent a knitted set of sweater and a pair of socks. By my knitting skills it looks home made. Oh my... knitting so tiny clothes... I bow for the person that did this amazing work.
Since the autumn is coming, this little darlig has to put the clothes on. Just to keep warm. Look at the lovely wooden teddy bear that she also sent.
This is the whole lot she sent me. A picture and two pair of rope braiding knitting loom. Thank you so much Lillian. I  am very happy for all this.

søndag 25. juni 2017

My first Tonner doll: Prim and proper Patsy.

Forgot to show off this little beauty: Just had to buy this doll. Her face is just sooo adorable. Felt in love with her immediately. This is the box she came in. She is a Tonner doll.

Her real name is  Prim and proper, Patsy. A real Tonner doll. 

Look at her eyes.

Making a corps uniform for Patsy.

This is my first attempt of making a Corps uniform for my Patsy Tonner doll.
Laughing a  bit here I am sitting. The hat looks similar in size like the old Russian Uniform hats, big and bold.

A last salute!!

torsdag 1. juni 2017

Gypsy dress for Pusle and Tjorven.

Made two pair of dresses for Pusle and Tjorven. I think they looks adorable in theese dresses. Maybe a little bit like some pirates or gypsies.