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torsdag 1. juni 2017

Gypsy dress for Pusle and Tjorven.

Made two pair of dresses for Pusle and Tjorven. I think they looks adorable in theese dresses. Maybe a little bit like some pirates or gypsies. 


lørdag 20. mai 2017

New gown for Pusle and Tjorven.

Every little lady has to have her own gown,right? So I made one for Pusle, and one for Tjorven. 

I tried to copy both of theese dresses of some origiginal clothes for Pusle and Tjorven. 
But I see i have to do some adjustments on the patterns for to get them to look excately like the old ones. But this is the first attempt, so better luck next time. 

onsdag 17. mai 2017

Happy birthday Norway.

17th May 1814 Norway wrote a new constitution at Eidsvoll, which caused that Norway and Denmark separated. Norway became a indepedent country, and got its own monarki. We got our own King Christian Frederik.
There is more to the story that I do not mention.

But shortly: May 17th is a celebration of our constitution, and is also Norways birthday. 
And this leads to people in Norway celebrate it with big parades all over the country.
They dress up in bunads, folk dresses and so on, using their finest clothes. And of course the colours of  Norways own flag are trendsetting, at this special day.
So Happy birthday to all Norwegian people around the world.
My girls decided to go for the colours of our flag. And this is the outcome. So now they are wating for the parade to start.

Hipp hipp hurray, and happy birthday.

tirsdag 9. mai 2017

Ratti doll Pusle

This Ratti doll is just stunning with her strong colours. 
And the way her hair is done is rare. None other dolls I`ve seen or own, has theese kind of bangs. The hair is short at the back, and long at the front.
I suppose she once was made as a souvenir doll. And that is because some of her outfit was glued on to the body. Her outfit looks like it is Dutch. And the dress was sewn on after it was putted on. Maybe there once was a hat too, but I do not have it.
She looked like this when I got her.
I have to wash up her dress later,and resew it, so it can be used again.
Here you can see where the bangs have been sewn on.

So I had to cut off the sewing on the dress, and give her a real bath. 
Look at her beautiful colours. 
Sadly there are some paint from the doll factory on one of her eyes. But I will not take it off. The paint is there to stay. 
And the hair is so shiny.

Here you can see how the hair is done.  Kind of strange way to cut the hair. The comb fastened by the roots of the hair, because of some stray hairs. And if someone has been combing it before, they have done it extremely gently.
I tried to comb the hair and put it up in different ways.
This is the top of her head.
The line goes exactely on the top. The other dolls I got, the hairline is on the right side of the head. 
The hair is dry and hanging loose. It does not fit the face.
The hair fastened  at the back. It did not match either. But it was better looking.

I am quite sure I`ve found out how the hair is supposed to be done. This looked right. Maybe she once was braided too.

So now it is time to show her off in full size.

She looks like Sophie, so it is her name for now on.

mandag 8. mai 2017

A doll from Fiba, made in Italy

This pretty little girl is a newer doll. She is from about 1980. She came to me in a doll lot I got.
Even though, she is a pretty little darling. 
Lots of curls and with stars in her eyes. She is dressed in an old fashioned way. And she is just adorable with her innocent look.
The boots are made real chubby. Some other Italian dolls got boots that looks very similar. Some Miglorati dolls has theese boots too. The dress and bonnet is original.
If you are interedsted this doll, I put her out for sale $10. And of course you have to pay the postal service. 

 Here you can see the stars in her eyes. I just love it.
Her head can be twisted sideways. She has a ball jointed neck. 

onsdag 3. mai 2017

Two new dresses for Tjorven

Finished two more dresses today. The fabric is cotton and it is retro. I don`t know how long I`ve had this tiny fabric laying. But at last I just had to use it. there are two different patterns, but the colours ar just the same.