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lørdag 15. september 2018

New clothes for Terri Lee

I am not the fastest to put out the news.
But as I promised: theese are some newly made  clothing for Terri Lee.
I enjoy this work. For some reason peole think I am the crazy lady. But I don`t mind. Let me be crazy as long as I enjoy my hobby.
 Sitting by the sewing machine, a cup of coffe and a listen to an audio book. Life is good.
If you are looking for some clothing for dolls maybe I got it.
I might also sell some of the clothing I show off. Make contact if you are interested.

Soon Terri Lee will have a couple of cousins for to mingle with. I suppose they will have a lot to talk about.

fredag 14. september 2018

Atumn is coming to the northern parts of Norway

Autumn is coming and the girls are demanding some new clothing. So mummy had to sit down and make some outfits.
Some more close up pictures

And closer

tirsdag 10. juli 2018

Terri Lee doll

I have been looking some time for a Terri Lee doll that would fit my wallet. I love how their eyes and mouth are painted, and the body that looks like a childs body.
So at last I found one. When she arrived she was clean and no marks, but she smelled a lot. The seller had tried to get rid of the ordinary smell with lavendel, but beneath that smell it was a strong odour of something unthinkable. 
Well, I had a strong feeling of that before she came, so I was prepared for it. 
I knew about the hair. The seller had informed that it was brittle and would break off. For to keep it on place they had placed a hairnet on. 
But the face and body was ok. So I decided to give her a try.
So here is the first picture after she came out of the box.
Nice skirt and shirt. And the shoes are new. 
Beautiful expressive eyes. When I at last could see her close up in the face I knew she will be one of my favorites. She was just in need of some TLC.
Original hair, and sadly not saveable. 

I was also looking for a doll that had this mark. 
A chubby well formed doll.
Next for this little darlig was to take a real spa. 
Look how dirty the water got. The dirt was not from her body but from the hair.
I used my special cleaner for to get rid of the horrendous smell that she had.
And this is one of the times I forgot to put gloves on. So for the moment the skin on my hands are pretty dry. Have to give my self a note on that until next time I`ll use it.
Then it was time to get rid of the wig. It was glued all over and hard to get off. The glue had also meltet into the skin. But I got rid of the hair and the glue.

Mom, can you please put on the new wig? I feel some naked.
Since I knew that i did not have a wig with the seam on top, I chose the colour wildy, almost :)
I am somehow in love with the red colour.
Testing on, and looking good. Yep, I will glue it on. But not so much glue, because one day I will get hold of an old fashion wig with a look from from the fourties.
So this is how the old girl looks like now. 
Terri is all cleaned up, and no  bad odour hanging in the air. The clothes are also washed up. So overall smelling good, and also looking good.
She is really stunning. After I was finished, I sat down and studied her, and got more and more in love. Soon I am going to sew her some new clothes too, and they are to be sewn of old Terri Lee patterns.So just hold on. 

mandag 21. mai 2018

Anne Lise doll

At last I got hold of my childhood doll.
This was how she looked when she came home to me. 
 As you can see she was a little bit dirty because of her age.
So I had to undress her for to see how she looked like, and what I had to do for to clean her up. As you can see there was some hard spots, especially on her feets. 
All over the body there was some dirt, but the doll has been played with, and she is an old lady.
So I startet rubbing and cleaning her up.
The marks on the feet was hardheaded, and I thought I would never get rid of them. I thought they had come way far into the vinyl.

But after a lot of scrubbing the marks were gone. The feet went well.
The spot on her shoulder I thought was easy going. Afte a while I thought it was from the doll fabric.
The spots were hard to get rid off. But it went well after a while. I did not take picture after finished, but you can se they are gone on the spa treatment.
Then I had to give her a spa treatment. Looks likes shes enjoying it.

Now it is time for to get her hair fixed. Had to cut the hair ends overall a couple of millimeters, because the were worn out, and had very different lenghts.
Her the hair is all curled up. So I had to wait for the hair to dry.
The day after: I am excited for to see how the curling went. It look very god as far as I can see.
Combing the hair, and I just fell in love. She started to look more and more like my childhood doll.
And then it was time to put on a new dress. And voila: She`s finished. Welcom little darling to your new home.

A little but funny to se before and after. The hair is all curled up, the skin is lighter, and all free of dirt and other spots..

fredag 27. april 2018

Drawing of a Tjorven doll

My tjorven doll with white hair. Just finished drawing her.
When you are drawing  you are allowed to make changes whereever you want.
And I am very satisfied how she came out.