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torsdag 12. april 2018

Getting ready for Constitution day.

My sewing machine has been busy. Making uniforms for my little friends.
The Constitution day in Norway is 17th of May.

Pusle is looking over the clothes, and realised that the uniforms still aren`t ready.
Finally... there is some progress, and the girls are starting to try the uniforms on. But there are still something missing. 
Tadaaa... all finished. And the girls are thrilled.

mandag 9. april 2018

Tjorven and Pusle dolls in Folkdresses

Tjorven in Danish national dress. This dress also comes in red colour
Tjorven in danish folkdress
Tjorven in danish folkdress
Pusle in danish folkdress
Pusle in danish folkdress
Pusle in danish folkdress
Some of the dolls together in danish folkdresses
Pusle in a Dutch folkdress. Looks like this dress is to come from Volendam. Missing her hat and necklace

tirsdag 27. mars 2018

Beautiful Pusle doll

This doll came to me about a week ago. I got hold of her because of her hair. She got bangs and short hair. This doll with this hair is rare. I just had to buy her.
When she came she had a hat glued onto her head.
Oh my God..  how on earth shall this go, am I going to damage the hair in some way? I hoped the glue was able to wash off with water and soap.

I got the hat off without damaging the hair, but there was still glue in her hair. Next was to put her up for some bathing. And luckily the glue came off with only water and soap.
Here we are waiting for the hair to dry. 

She turned up to be a real beauty. The hair got shiny again like I thought it would.

The only thing that she is short of, and seems like it happend on the factory: a missing pinky
At last I had to dress her in originally clothes.
Bye bye for this time Pusle says and waves to you with her missing pinky. She also wishes you all a really Happy Easter.

torsdag 1. februar 2018

Another Norwegian folkdress or bunad for Tjorven

I was at the postoffice and picked up a parcel today. 
I have been waiting a long time for this parcel... the shipping was indeed extremely slow this time: 4 weeks from USA to Norway!! But the parcel came home at last. 
I am excited...
And for to hold the thrill, I opened it slowly and sept inn the sight and exitement.
Beautiful facecolours. 
A tiny spot on the forehead. And the clothes are in need of some cleansing.
After the hair was washed and clean. 
Look at the beautiful glance, perfect. After what I coluds see, the hair has never been combed. 
There is not so much hair on this doll, You can see the hairline. 
But the hair is in perfect condition. 
After the bunad was cleansed, Tjorven had to redress. 
I have also taken away the tiny spot on her forehead.

A real stunning beauty. 
She also had to put on the headscarf that came with the bunad.
Ready for to go and join the other Tjorven dolls and mingle with  her family. 
The headscarf from the back 

torsdag 21. desember 2017

Pusle reerooted.

I just had to reeroot this Pusle doll. 
Cut off her hair and go on. There are too much of the blond Pusle dolls.  

Bald and hairless.

I wanted to make me a brunette. This is during the prosess.
 Way too much hair.

At the hair dresser. The hair is combed, but still too much.
Have to give her a real hair cut, and curl the hair once more.

And  a little bit of lipstick.