fredag 10. april 2020

Sailor dress for Little Darling

I hereby opens for other colours on the sailor dresses.  I have never been fond of the dark blue colour, so I decided to go for a different colour. I think other colours looks nice too. What do you think? 

Happy Easter to all of you. 

søndag 29. mars 2020

Little Darling got another new dress.

Saturday and weather that suggest I have to be indoor. Also the Corona pandemi really made my days. I got home office and work from home. I am hoping this pandemi soon will be over fast, but I think not. I think there will be some months before it is gone.
So my hobby room got a little visit of me today. I nearly got two dresses finished.
I`ll only show off the finished one. I love the colours, and LD got very happy. Se sat in my hobbyroom almost without clothes. 

lørdag 14. mars 2020

Homemade doll called Laura.

Got excited for to make a doll of my own. Started september 2019. Cutted out all the bodyparts and started to sew. This is the first doll I`ve ever made. Hope to make more different dolls.
And then all stopped until February this year. I started up again for to make the last finishing touches, and put all the bodyparts together. I am not sastisfied with her breast, but the rest of the body is ok.
And then it was her head. Somehow the pattern is wrong. I need to put that on my mind until next time I`ll make this doll (If I ever does make another). 
Started to draw and paint her face. Remeber not to have your cat walking around any painting project. You can see a lot of hair on the dolls face. Luckily most of the paint had dried up before she decided to do a walk over. 
Finished painting.
 Not a glammer posture hi-hi...

And now with a wig on. I am still in love with red hair as you can see. And of course with some more clothes on. 

A great experiment after all. And Some learning points all over. Hope you enjoyed looking. I had a lot of fun making her. Her name is difinitely Laura.

onsdag 4. mars 2020

A little doll from Rayco doll fabric: liten krølltopp

Went to a flea marked a  while ago. Found this little one, in desperat need of help. Suppose she has been to a party and ended up in a doll fight. Two black eyes was the result. So I felt sorry for her, I just had to bring her home.

I had to strip off all the eye colour.  Some of theese dolls are made with blue eyes like this one, and some are made with brown eyes.You can see the blue shines through.   I decided to go for brown eyes.
And she also had some blue colour in the hair. I could not manage to get rid of all the blue colour, so I also decided to give her more hair colour too. and a little touch of lipstick.
This doll is a really heavy weighter, and hard to chrush. Some kind of rubber like skin. Probably from the 60ties or early 70ties. I`m not sure. So please help  my Norwegian friends.
When done, she lent a dress from one of the others. I threw away her old party clothes ...hi-hi..

lørdag 8. februar 2020

More home made clothes for Little Darling

Made some more clothes for Little Darling. Mostly knitting, but also some sewing. 
I`m selling away because I will always make new clothes. I can not store all the clothing, and I enjoy the work.
$20 each dress, the buyer must pay postal.
 Tell me if you`re interested in some of the things I`ve made. 




lørdag 18. januar 2020

I am confused and ashamed.

I am on several doll sites, chatting and also sometimes buying stuff. 
But when I go out on the big web my heart just stops jumping. What on earth are people thinking when they ask for astronomic prizes on dolls that are just lovely and beautiful? There is spesific one doll where the prices has gone skyhigh: Tjorven Ratti doll.
She is not rare, she has her era in the 60`ties and 70`ties. And there are loads of them around in the world. As mentioned not rare, but beautiful. 

I have some of theese dolls and I love their faces, and I am ashamed of the prices some people dare to take for this lovely doll.  She is not worth the price you put on her. Some of the dolls are also badly damaged, eyes are broken, legs and body fall apart, and even then, prices are from about $50 and all the way up to $250.
And people that are buying doll at theese cost are even dumber. I would concider buying a "new" doll for $50, but she have to be ok:Shiny hair, eyes ok, and also body ok, and of course with no marks on.
So for the people that tries to earn money on me for theese dolls: Happy selling. I enjoy my dolls, whose not rare at all. They are all happy dolls, look at their smiles.

Here are some of my dolls, that I have taken pictures of, still many left to give a photo session.
I haven`t counted how many I got, but I suppose about 25-30. So if I take a shortcut and estimate the price after $250 each I am am rich! 
$6250-7500, that is a lot of money.